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The very essence that is Fratelli Brand knitwear originated in a small Italian town in the late 1940s. Leaving Italy with nothing, the Fratelli family immigrated to Australia to begin a new life. Hand knitted sweaters skillfully made by his mother inspired a young Filippo Spoto to pursue the art of knitting. After serving in the Australian Army Filippo returned to his work, applying his skills as a knitting technician. He dedicated his efforts to refining his skill and technical knowledge whilst working in the best knitwear factories in Melbourne. Seizing on an opportunity, Filippo began his own knitwear operation in Melbourne named D & J Knitting Mills, which in due course would take the label name Fratelli. With his 'on the floor' experience and keen eye as a designer/innovator, Filippo developed cutting edge knitwear that would, in many instances, shape the knitwear trends in Australia in the 70s and 80s. Fratelli had made great inroads in the market place and this continued as Filippo's son David began working in the business. In time, Filippo's hard work and devotion to knitting would be rewarded. Many years of honing his skills and producing quality pieces of top end designer knits resulted in demand for the Fratelli brand in-store and a high level of return patronage. This tradition continues today as father, son and now grandchildren work to bring the world's best knitwear to you.

Discover Fratelli's Winter knitwear range. This new range of beautiful knitwear continues to deliver on our commitment of 'attention to detail'. Become a part of the Fratelli Famiglia, and wear the knitwear brand recommended by Italians, and lovers of Australian Pure Merino Wool. For further information please don't hesitate to contact us.


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